Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are the frequently asked questions from our customers. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us!

When was Mrs Sparkles set up?

Mrs Sparkles was set up in 1996 with only 5 cleaners. With dedication and hard work, Mrs Sparkles took off and soar from the year 2000 onwards. Today, we have grown to over 80 staffs, serving about 200 homes daily.

Who Cleans my home?

The housekeepers employed by Mrs Sparkles consist of Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and Work Permit holders (Malaysians/PRC Nationals). All our staff can speak and understand basic English and are generally aged between 30 to 50 years old. 

Will I be assigned to the same housekeeper every time?

We always endeavor to assign the same housekeeper to service your home as far as possible. We understand our customers may be used to the housekeeper already and strive to minimize any disruption caused. In unforeseen circumstances, a replacement worker would be sent. Customers can choose to have 1 worker for 4 hours or 2 workers for 2 hours (subject to the availability of the staff).

Do I need to be home while cleaning takes place?

It depends on the customers’ preference. Most of our customers prefer to have their homes cleaned when they are not in the house.

Do I have to leave a set of keys with Mrs Sparkles? Where and how are the keys kept?

Customers can entrust the keys to Mrs Sparkles if they wish to. The keys are locked securely in the office where only the manager and administrators have the authority to release them. Alternatively, you can let Mrs Sparkles have your mailbox key and deposit your house keys in the mailbox on the day of cleaning.

Do I have to provide transport for the housekeepers?

Mrs Sparkles has its own team of drivers. Our staff would pick up and send our housekeepers to their designated work locations.

Do I have to provide cleaning tools for the housekeepers?

For regular housekeeping services, customers usually choose to provide their own cleaning products and equipment as this is what they are comfortable with.

How much work can a housekeeper cover in 4 hours?

Mrs Sparkles’ housekeepers are trained in time management and the rightful application of cleaning methods. The main chores of vacuuming and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, dusting furniture, cleaning kitchen appliances, and ironing clothes will be completed. For a landed property of more than 2,500 sq.ft, 2 helpers are normally required.

Do I have to commit to a long-term contract?

There is no need to worry about being tied down to a long-term contract. Customers can start at any time. Kindly note that an advance notice of one month is required for suspension or termination of service previously agreed on.

How do I make payment?

Mrs Sparkles will issue an invoice at at the end of the month after services are rendered. Kindly make payment upon receipt of the invoice, which will be sent by email or post. Customers can make payment via cash, cheques or internet banking.